Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced for Playstation 4

by on June 11, 2013

Square Enix have revealed Final Fantasy XV, a re-branded version of the long-awaited final Fantasy Versus XIII.

‘A fantasy based on reality’, the reveal trailer showed a very action orientated game, complete with a cover system and copious amounts of free running. Visually speaking it was hugely impressive, with cities being broken apart by water streams and gigantic beasts fighting in the distance.

This trailer was followed by a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3 that recounted the franchise to date before showing mock footage of Sora tackling a huge army of heartless.

This wasn’t even everything from Square Enix as Sony followed the trailers with the news that the recently re-released MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, will see a release on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.

If you’re a Square Enix fan then Sony certainly seems to be fluttering their eyelids in your direction.