Mass Effect 4 Will Be “Friendly To Newcomers”

by on July 16, 2013

Bioware Montreal studio director Yanick Roy has been talking about progress on the fourth game in the Mass Effect series.

Answering questions from fans on Twitter he talked about animations, accessibility and the importance of LGBT relationships to the continuing series.

In response to Twitter user Simon Thomas Roy responded saying that the new game would “be friendly both to old fans and to newcomers”.

Roy told another user that the quality of animation is something he and his team would like to improve.

Finally he informed user AC_E, who had asked whether there would “be GLBTI inclusive stories and gender options for the main character”, that there is “no reason to believe otherwise”.

Little is known for sure about the fourth Mass Effect but there have been plenty of rumours, including rumblings that alien races will be playable in a future game.