Square Enix and GAME Offer Up Prizes For Thief Launch

by on February 27, 2014

Square Enix is hyping the return of Garrett by teaming up with select GAME stores across the UK and offering you the chance to win some cool prizes.

Thief will be available to buy from tomorrow, February 28, and by unleashing your inner thief, you can win a PlayStation 4, a PS Vita, an AMD gaming-rig, or The Art of Thief book by Nicolas Cantin, Thief’s Game Director, and some in-store vouchers.

At a participating GAME, you’ll be given a lock-pick, a “How To…” guide, and five minutes with a locked chest. If you happen to pick the lock, you’ll win one of the aforementioned lovelies.

You can see a full list of the shops at which this will be taking place, below.

  • Westfield, Stratford
  • Bullring, Birmingham
  • Trafford Centre, Manchester
  • Meadow Hall, Sheffield
  • West Quay, Southampton
  • Lakeside, West Thurrock
  • Norwich, NR2 1PT
  • Newcastle, NE1 7XP
  • James Centre, Edinburgh
  • Cardiff, CF10 2ER

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