Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Campaign Story Trailer Released

by on July 29, 2014

The latest Kevin Spacey filled trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been released, and it delves into just what Spacey’s organisation, Atlus, is up to.

Wait, Atlus? Haven’t I heard that name before? Doesn’t matter.

The trailer has a big focus, once it gets past the set up bit, on high flying acrobatics and gadgetry, which certainly looks more thrilling than the usual Call of Duty fare.

And that’s without mentioning the little multiplayer snippet at the end of the trailer that shows some impressive feint tactics and high flying marines.

Hopefully we’ll see more inspiring movement styles in the full Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer trailer on August 11th.

Until then, enjoy that Spacey face. It’s a lovely face.