Lots of New Stuff is Coming to GTA Online

All coming in the new Executives and Other Criminals pack today

by on December 15, 2015

A host of new stuff is coming to GTA online today in the new Executives and Other Criminals pack. From criminal organisations to new game modes, to new houses, weapon, vehicle and everything in between, there’s certainly a lot to get your teeth stuck into.

The crux of the update is the new VIP and Bodyguard game play.

If you have over $1m in your bank account you can become a VIP in free mode, which lasts for four hours. When you have VIP status you can hire up to three other people to be your personal body guards, which unlocks special co-op jobs, PvP challenges and special abilities.

Other perks of being a VIP include: the ability to create, name and dress an organisation, abilities such as amor and ammo drops, spawning near body guards, remove wanted levels and being able to call in special vehicles like the new turreted limo. You will also make cash earnings from any challenge your body guards complete in free mode, excluding money made while working for the organisation.

Being a body guard has its benefits, you will $5,000 every 15 minutes, 100RP bonus per minute, stat boosts and increased health regen when in the vicinity of the VIP and the ability to spawn near the VIP.

There are six new game modes, all coming under the title of VIP work, which an organisation can partake in, these are: Hostile Take over, which sees you having to steal a tank and getting it to a set location; Asset Recovery, in which your tasked to revolver impounded vehicles while the cops and other players look to destroy them; Piracy Prevention, a team death match on the deck of a super yacht; Executive Search, where the body guards have to keep the VIP alive for ten minutes as everyone else in free mode attempts to kill him/her; Sightseer, in which the VIP has to complete hacking tasks to reveal the location of packages scattered across the map and finally, in which rival organisations will fight off against each other with VIPs having just 10 lives.

There are also six different challenges in which members of an organisation can compete against each other to complete, these are called: Most Wanted, Market Manipulation, Auto Buyout, Point to Point, Courier Service and Due Diligence.

There’s also a new Adversary Mode, in which body guards must locate the target inside an extraction area and get them to safety before they are killed by freedom fighters.

Amongst all the game play, a lot of new cosmetic items have also been added to GTA Online. These include: Yacht ownership which means you can now own and run a fully staffed, luxurious super yacht. A yacht acts like a floating apartment, can be moved to one of 12 locations across Los Santos and some even come with helicopters, hot tubs, sea vehicles and each yacht comes with anti-air defence.

There are also new apartments in Vinewood Hills and Eclipse Towers, 10 new cars, two new helicopters, two new weapons and loads of new clothing for you to wear.

So there’s certainly a lot of new stuff coming in the new free update to GTA Online.

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