The Ultimate American Road Trip Guide

by on December 24, 2017

The great American road trip – it’s a bucket list staple. The thought of kicking back with the windows (or roof!) down, cruising along open road with the sun shining down on us is one to cling onto. It might seem like a pipe dream but believe us when we say it doesn’t have to be! While the likes of which car you’ll drive, your visa from and your beginning and end destinations might be things you’ve thought through in great detail already, planning the ultimate American road trip includes so much more – and we’re here to guide you through it.

What Route Will You Choose?

Picking the ‘right’ route can be the difference between a good American road trip, and the ultimate one. What constitutes as the right route, however, will really depend on what you want out of the entire journey. Do you want to see coastline? How about a desert? A forest, maybe? Or are you an ‘all of the above’ kind of person? Whatever the case, one of the best things about driving from state to state in the big US of A is that there is such a diverse range when it comes to your surroundings. You can go from bustling cities to empty wilderness in a few hours, and back again! Working out what kind of areas you want to be travelling through will ultimately help you work out the best route for you.

What Time Do You Have?

If you’re short on the time you have, it’s unlikely you’ll manage a coast-to-coast road trip and have time to stop and see everything you want to along the way. Plan your trip depending on the time you have available, or plan an ideal trip and wait until you have the time to do it! What you should definitely consider, however, is that America’s greatest sights are deserving of your attention. There’s no point planning a weekend road trip through countless states with non-stop driving without stopping to see anything. If you’re going enjoy the ultimate American road trip, then enjoy it. Savour it. You’ll thank yourself later.

What Sights Do You Want To See?

Everyone needs to stretch their legs, get a bite to eat, visit the restroom and whatever else your body and mind might need at any one time, and so why not use America’s greatest sights to do just that? If you have any sights you really want to see, try and plan them into your road trip at decent intervals so you can make the most of your time. Similarly, knowing what you want to see can help you plan the route. After all, you’ll find the trip far more valuable if you see the things you want to see, rather than driving through a few towns you’d be more than happy to nap through in the passenger seat.

Where Will You Sleep?

As tempting as it might be to save a little money and just sleep in your car, your back will thank you for actually booking into a hotel or motel once in a while. Plotting where some of these hotels and motels are before you leave can save you stress and panic in the long run, but if you do intend to nap in your car, or you’re driving an RV and need somewhere to stop, sites such as and can help you find all the rest stops you need! Just be careful and try not to have an overnight sleep in a rest stop – there are unfortunately some safety issues in a few states, and there might even be a limit on how long you can stop in one place.

What Snacks And Food Will You Eat?

Will you eat in restaurants and diners and snack on truck stop snacks? Or do you plan on making up your own food where possible? Thankfully, if the Americans do one thing right, it’s the food. While a lot of it will be chock-full of calories and sugar, there are still plenty of places to pick up exactly that! You could pick up a selection of nuts, dried fruits and even gas station fruits, but ultimately it’ll be your decision as to whether or not you want to take the healthier route to optimise driving performance or the sugary, carbonated route to maximise fun.

Planning and partaking in the ultimate American road trip will ultimately come down to you and your preferences. If you want to stick along the coastline, then stick along the coastline! If high-calorie, grease-covered diner food and sugary snacks are how you want to give your body nourishment during your trip, then go for it! Everyone has their own idea of what would make the ultimate American road trip and as long as you take into consideration the points we’ve made, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your not-so-pipe dream.

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