Ubisoft reveal Arcade Mode for Far Cry 5

Build the nightmare

by on March 6, 2018

Ubisoft have announced that Arcade Mode will be returning in the latest entry into the Far Cry franchise.

Arcade Mode allows players and Ubisoft themselves to create their own maps for either single player, co-op or PvP modes and share them with the world.

For the first time ever it won’t only be Far Cry assets available for those creatives among us who are gagging to put their own stamp on the game. No, in Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode there will also be assets from Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs at your disposal.

I got my hands on Arcade Mode for a brief amount of time and while I didn’t think either single player map that I played was particularly enthralling it did show the potential of what could be created when the imagination of the community takes hold.

The first map I played was called Journey. It was a very creepy, atmospheric walking-simulator map using Far Cry’s assets in which I had to escape from a house. Everything started off normal but soon I was crawling through air vents and secret passages and coming out in strange rooms with blood dripping off the walls and satanic goats knocking about. Then the rooms started going upside down and loads of clocks appeared as if I’d gone through the looking glass. Then finally I escaped through a door light. It offered no challenge whatsoever and was purely made to freak me out (as I was expecting a jump scare that never came), but it was an interesting five minutes that showed the range of things that people will be able to create.

The second map was a lot more standard. It was called Terminal Station and was a ‘Bounty Hunt’ mission. Before starting you choose your loadout (either loads of guns or only throwing knives) and then have to infiltrate an industrial compound swarming with guards to kill the target (Joseph Seed in different clobber) who’s hiding out in a rooftop bunker and then escape.

So as I say, while the two examples I got to play weren’t exactly the best, I think the tools are there for players to make some really whacky, interesting stuff.