About: Jason Hendricks

Hello everyone.  I am Jason Hendricks.  I am 30 years old which a few days ago, I realised makes me quite old in the eyes of gamers.  I was born and Raised in the Bronx in New York City and now I reside in Brooklyn NY.  I am a gamer through and through.  I will try any games but my favorites would be 3rd person shooters, fighters, and certain sports games.  This will vary from game to game though.  If I am not playing video games or spending time with my family, I will probably be partaking in some musical activity.  Most likely playing my guitar.  Don't let my last name fool you...I can carry a tune, but Im not that good.


My gamertag is Exmeth

Recent Articles by Jason Hendricks

Arcade Impact – A Lament to Years Gone By…

A lot of us spent our childhoods in Arcades, the glow of the CRT monitors drawing us in like a moth to a lightbulb. They’ve largely disappeared over the years, GodisaGeek.com’s Jason Hendricks feels the pain. Read the full article at GodisaGeek.com.

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Sideway: New York Review

Graffiti and 2D Platforming? In New York?!? Jason Hendricks relives the days of his youth spent in New York City with Sideway: New York on the PlayStation Network. Find out what he thought only at GodisaGeek.com!

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Okabu Review

Are you a fan of quirky little downloadable games? Maybe you’ve seen a trailer or some screenshots of Okabu and want to know if you should check out the game. Let Jason Hendricks tell you all about the world of Okabu.

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Mercury Hg Review

Mercury Hg, a clever play on initials if you are familiar with the periodic table of elements, would not normally be my cup of tea and, while there have been other iterations of the game, on both iOS and PSP, this is my personal introduction to the series; I must admit I was presently surprised.

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Surprise DLC for Portal 2

Portal 2 fans will soon have their cake and eat it too. Valve will be rolling out new dlc for Portal 2 this coming Tuesday, October 4th. It will be available to owners of Portal 2 for download for PSN and Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and automatic download for members of steam in all regions. Not only is this an unexpected surprise but the icing on the proverbial cake is that it will be free of charge.

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Kinect Me!

Xbox 360 with Kinect; You will either nod your head in acceptance or cringe at the notion. There seems to be no mid-ground, it’s just like the old cliché goes, love it or hate it. Monetarily, the peripheral is by no means a failure. Microsoft has reported 10 million units shipped as of March 9th, 2011. It was able to push 8 million of those units in its first 60 days of release which is a guinness world record. Kinect has quite a few accolades already but with monster sales comes a monster amount of consumers to keep interested.

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