First Look
The Crew featured

The Crew Beta Impressions

by Colm Ahernon July 23, 2014
Destiny Featured

Video: Destiny Alpha Impressions

by Adam Cookon June 18, 2014
Destiny 1 - 0 Hardline

WildStar First Impressions

by Calvin Robinsonon June 6, 2014
Calvin gives his initial impressions on Carbine's new science-fiction MMORPG, WildStar.

GTA Online Featured

GTA Online: The First 20 Minutes (and more!)

by Adam Cookon October 1, 2013
20 minutes of Online action

First Run: Ouya

by Calvin Robinsonon June 27, 2013
Calvin Robinson and Colm Ahern boot up the Ouya for the first time, and talk you through it's systems and design.

First 20 Minutes – Star Trek: The Video Game

by Adam Cookon April 26, 2013
The first rung of reviews haven't been hugely positive (our review is in progress) so far, so we thought we'd grab the opening scenes from the game in video form, and let you take a look.

Defiance Featured

First Look: Defiance (Xbox 360 Version)

by Adam Cookon April 8, 2013
Our review is in progress, but being an MMO it might take a little longer, so in the mean time, I played through the opening 40 minutes of the Xbox 360 version, to see what the fuss was all about.
Guild Wars 2 Featured

Video: Guild Wars 2 – Super Adventure Mode

by Adam Cookon April 6, 2013
Hey, we know we may not be the quickest out of the gate on this one, but for a while we weren't 100% sure it wasn't an April Fool's joke!
Capcom Arcade Cabinet Featured

Video Feature: Capcom Arcade Cabinet – Part Four

by Martin Bakeron April 2, 2013
In celebration of Capcom's 30th anniversary, they are releasing Capcom Arcade Cabinet. A collection of many arcade titles from their past, released over a period of time. This is the fourth set in that collection.