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Attack on Titan review

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Review

by Mikhail Madnanion May 11, 2015
I'm in chains.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold’s Protagonist Trailer Released

by Mikhail Madnanion April 9, 2015
Bodyguard of Princess Arianna, The Fafnir Knight!

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review

by Mikhail Madnanion April 6, 2015
Dungeons & Crossovers.

Lost Dimension Announced for Summer 2015

by Mikhail Madnanion March 11, 2015
No walkthroughs for this game.

Meet Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s Gunner

by Nick Gillhamon February 13, 2015
One way or another I'm gunner find ya, I'm gunner getcha getcha getcha getcha

First Persona 5 Gameplay Footage

by Dan Nayloron February 5, 2015
Out this year in Japan.