Hitman 101 trailer teases this month’s physical Complete Edition

by Greg Hillon January 18, 2017
A kill on every continent... almost.


Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido Review

by Chris Whiteon November 3, 2016
Paging Dr. Death.

Hitman Finale to be released October 31

by Nick Gillhamon October 12, 2016
I hope it's a hit.....man


Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Review

by Chris Whiteon September 29, 2016
Killing in the name of.

HITMAN: The Complete First Season disc release date confirmed

by Press Releaseson August 31, 2016
All episodes plus some bonus DLC in a Steelbook

Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review

by Chris Whiteon August 18, 2016
Between a Kok and a hard place.