Watch us play Lumines Remastered in a new musical video

by Mikhail Madnanion July 9, 2018
Let's Play Lumines Remastered!

Let’s Play PUBG on Xbox One

by Adam Cookon January 8, 2018
X gon' give it up ya.

Let’s Play: Flying Red Barrel

by Benjamin Maltbieon June 5, 2013
We continue to bury Benjamin in bullet-hell titles.

Let’s Play Indie: Anodyne, Conveyance, and the First Five Minutes

by Benjamin Maltbieon May 3, 2013
Join us as Ben takes a look at the 16-bit, Zelda inspired indie, Anodyne

Let’s Play Indie: Humans Must Answer

by Benjamin Maltbieon April 19, 2013
Ben explores the side-scrolling shoot-em-up, Humans Must Answer, in this week's Let's Play: Indie

Let’s Play Indie: Facade

by Benjamin Maltbieon April 12, 2013
Continuing the streak of discomfort set in motion by last week's Let's Play Indie: Auti-Sim, I'm bringing you a full run-through of Facade; A 2005 indie interactive-narrative where the player must navigate a dinner party as third wheel to a dysfunctional married couple.

Let’s Play Indie: Auti-Sim

by Benjamin Maltbieon April 4, 2013
It's Autism Awareness month and we wanted to keep relevant and try to help spread awareness.

Let’s Play Indie: Ether Vapor Remastered

by Benjamin Maltbieon March 28, 2013
Ether Vapor Remastered is fantastic. While I would like to leave my video intro at that, marketing and SEO techniques suggest I can't so I'll go a step further. Ether Vapor is a title by indie studio Edelweiss that scratches that annoying little itch that fans of shooet-em-up bullet hell style games are prone to, being that we only get about one or two quality titles a year. This one is a touch of something different, and has just the right amount of frenetic craziness to keep you interested throughout.

Let’s Play Indie: Fairy Bloom Freesia

by Adam Cookon February 28, 2013
This is the first in a new series of videos we'll be bringing you, as our North American correspondent Benjamin Maltbie, takes a look at some indie titles.