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Fight Nicola Adams In Smash Bros 3DS

by Mike Stubbsyon October 17, 2014
Can she beat Peach?

Disney Magical World Review

by Robin Parkeron October 16, 2014
Let it go

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Review

by Lee Garbutton October 13, 2014
Beautiful, ballistic ballet.
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Featured

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Gets a Release Date

by Jonny Lewison October 10, 2014
Remastered trio coming to 3DS eShop this December.

Bayonetta 2 Preview Featured

Bayonetta 2 Demo Available Now

by James Bowdenon October 10, 2014
Bayonetta you mystery.

3DS Update Available Now, Adds Themes!

3DS Update Available Now, Adds Themes!

by Lee Garbutton October 7, 2014
Because "improved system stability" doesn't cut it anymore.

Competition: Win a Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL

by Teamon October 3, 2014
You know you want to

Super Smash Bros 3DS Review Featured

Nintendo to Host UK Smash Bros. 3DS Tournament

by Jonny Lewison October 1, 2014
Searching for a champion