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God of War: Ascension Preview – A Curious Beast

God of War: Ascension is exactly what fans hungry for more God-slashing action are after. It’s not a massive overhaul but there’s enough invention and expansion here for it to be a promising continuation of a series nearing its eighth birthday.

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Datura Review

The PlayStation 3 has long been a haven for truly unique, interesting downloadable titles. While much has been made of how stunning Journey is (and rightly so), years have passed since the release of games like Flower or Pixeljunk Eden, let alone the more mainstream yet still wholly unique titles like Fat Princess. It is now the turn of Plastic Studios to attempt to wow us, with their interactive adventure game Datura. Read the full review at GodisaGeek.com.

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Sorcery Preview

The precision of the Move controls, combined with a really enjoyable sense of humour and hugely engaging gameplay means that Sorcery is set to be a truly exciting Move game when it is released this May. Read the full GodisaGeek.com preview now.

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