Shenmue 2

SEGA registers ShenmueHD domain

by Mikhail Madnanion January 6, 2017
Incoming remasters?
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E3 2016 Predictions: Sony

by Nick Gillhamon June 8, 2016
Sony blew us away last year, but will they deliver the same again for 2016?

Shemue 1

The Games We Love: Shenmue

by Chris Whiteon September 4, 2015
Well there is a third one coming out.
Psychic Chihuahua E3 Predictions

Psychic Chihuahua E3 Predictions, Finale: Wildcards

by Lee Garbutton June 6, 2014
Nacho has one last crack at predicting the events of E3!

Yu Suzuki Considering Crowd-funded Shenmue 3?

by Ben Skipperon March 4, 2013
Those eagle-eyed gamers over on NeoGAF have spotted a tweet pointing towards a crowd-sourced Shenmue 3.

New Tokyo Game Show Trailers for Yakuza 5

by Robin Parkeron September 21, 2012
SEGA have released two new trailers for Yakuza 5 at the Tokyo Game Show - showing off some of the new modes and in-game locations.

Who’s in Control? – A Look at the Use/Overuse of Cut-Scenes in Video Games

by Jason Hendrickson May 5, 2012
In our latest opinion piece's Jason Hendricks takes a look at the use of cinematics and Quick Time Events in video games, taking the control away from the player. Read the whole article over at

Hall of Fame: Shenmue

by Teamon April 20, 2012
This month's Hall of Fame induction is...Shenmue! Full article on