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A Week in Gaming With Aaron Sullivan

So here we are, our third week of “a week in gaming with…” and it’s shaping up quite nicely isn’t it? After last weeks epic self proclaimed rant at GAME/Gamestation stores from our very own Asim Tanvir (and rightly so considering the service he got), I’ve decided to...
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Waiting For StarCraft II?

Waiting for StarCraft II? Well I am. I just love release day, waiting by the door with baited breathe, hoping every van that goes by is the one that will bring me what I crave so much. There is always that decision to be made,...
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StarCraft II Phase Two Beta Video

Phase two of the StarCraft II beta came online in the EU yesterday morning but not without some trouble, minutes after the beta had been up, it was down again prolonging the wait for European players. We can now confirm that the beta has been...
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