YouTube strikes again: 8 Minutes of Modern Warfare 2 footage

by on September 24, 2009

Well somehow YouTube does it again as the whole opening mission in all its splendor and glory is “mysteriously” available for your viewing pleasure. So we thought we would do the work for you so you don’t have to and bring the video over to GodisaGeek. Once again it seems you start your Modern Warfare campaign off in a vehicle but that’s where the similarity ends as it seems you need to track down your target and execute him in the back of an alley way (“classy”, right?). The rest of the mission seems to take place in the backstreets of this unnamed city where you need to avoid civilian casualties while your trying to fill the bad guys with a clip full of ammo. As it stands it seems like a nice warm-up for the onslaught of  awesome set pieces we can normally expect from this franchise and I for one cannot wait.