Global Best Selling Games of 2009

by on February 4, 2010

Three of the major market research companies across the globe, The NPD Group (North America), GfK Chart-Track (PAL) and Enterbrain (Japan) have combined to bring us the top five best selling games of 2009. You can view the table consisting of the top five with their corresponding region sales below.

I’m sure you will agree that the game placed at number one is no surprise, after all Modern Warfare 2 was a rather big hit amongst gamers. However, depending on your outlook, it is slightly surprising that the other four games are all Wii exclusives. Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit are the titles that complete the top five.  Notice a trend there? Bingo, they also all have the word “Wii” in the title. Let the inevitable barrage of games with the word “Wii” in their title begin!


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