Paragon One Shot Arthas To Claim World First 25 Man

by on February 5, 2010

News moves fast in the World of Warcraft with top EU guild Paragon of Lightning’s Blade EU claiming the world first Arthas 25 man normal mode kill, this after Ensidia had their title stripped earlier in the day. Paragon members used their secondary characters to scope out the encounter which is an achievement in itself as they had to defeat every boss up to the Lich King with toons lesser geared than their main counterparts. Once tactics were sorted the guild returned to their  main characters and defeated the encounter in one attempt. Grats to Paragon for being insanely well prepared!

Paragon Claim World First 25 Man Lich King Kill

Paragon will be looking to obtain more world first kills next week with the Heroic mode of the raid now available.