Nintendo Reveal 3DS Release Date

by on September 29, 2010

Earlier today Nintendo officially revealed when the 3DS will be launching in Europe, North America and Japan. The 3D enabled handheld will be launching in Japan on February 26th then in Europe and North America some time in March. A price of 25,000 Yen was given to the Japanese 3DS, nothing for Europe or North America was announced. However, we expect a price and concrete release date will be announced for both regions in the next week or so. We’re guessing the 3DS will cost around $250-$300 in North America and probably €250-€300 or £200-£250 in Europe. If we’re right, you have to buy every single member of the GodisaGeek team a 3DS. Deal? No?! Ah well, it was worth a shot!

Nintendo also revealed that the 3DS will include a Game Boy Virtual Console. That means you will be able to download and play classic titles that appeared on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. To add to that awesome feature, the 3DS will be able to connect to Wi-Fi points whilst in sleep mode meaning it can automatically download a whole host of data. A rather creepy “Tag Mode” was also unveiled, which will allow the 3DS to communicate with other nearby handhelds and exchange certain bits of data. We recommend checking out the trailer after the jump to see this all in action. Oh and yes, those are Mii’s you see in the trailer. They have somehow found their way across to the 3DS!