Chillingo Winter Line Up Impressions

by on January 4, 2011

Last month God is a Geek were lucky enough to sit down with download publishing giants Chillingo. You can read the chat we had here. Very nice folk, they were.

However, we didn’t hop down to central London just for some friendly banter, we were also there to test out some of the games the publisher is bringing out over the Christmas and New Year period.

Ready for some thoughts, pictures and trailers? Yes? Then read on folks, what are you waiting for?!

TXT Fighter

Developer: Tradewest

Release: Mid-December 2010

The cheeky lovechild of Street Fighter and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, TXT Fighter is a game for the iPhone or iPod Touch that has you brawling uses your typing skills, not your fists. The graphics were bright and colourful and the gameplay surprisingly intense, with keyboard inputs being as tight and exacting as you would expect on iTouch devices. You’ll certainly get better at typing on your Apple product and with mini-games, multiplayer and lots to unlock it seems that there is plenty to keep you busy.


Developer: Green Ant Games

Release: January 2011

Light-hearted, borderline insane entertainment from Green Ant Games. Pigs certainly seem to be the villain du jour in the iTunes store and it is no different here: race your sheep against groups of pigs in order to snaffle the most apples and make it to the next level. A simple premise backed by equally simple controls (just tilt the iPod down to get the sheep running, tilt left and right to, you guessed it, move left and right), this seems a good purchase for those who need to speed up a commute on the train or the bus.

Clumsy Bob

Developer: Fly Games

Release: End of December 2010

Chillingo might be aiming for a monopoly on cute characters and with Clumsy Bob they might have just conjured up the most cherubic mascot yet. The game plays like a side-scrolling Doodle Jump; tilt the control left or right to get Bob jumping between platforms and try to avoid all manner of traps and pitfalls. However, a genuine sense of humour and bold cartoony graphics made it one to keep a look out for towards the end of the month.

Sky Combat

Developer: Alien Worm

Release: January 2011

A vertical shooter with stunning graphics; here is an alternative to one of Cave’s “bullet hell” shooters. The first level wasn’t flooding the screen with bullets, but the game was certainly challenging and the graphics were excellent. Definitely an option for those with a more military state of mind.

For those who just can’t get enough, here are some screenshots from the upcoming titles.

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