PES 2011 Coming Soon To Windows Phone 7

by on January 6, 2011

Crap at real football? Regularly humiliated online even though you picked Barcelona and the ten year old who beat you was playing as Burnley?

Well, Konami Digital might have answer for you.

Pro Evo Soccer 2011 is coming to Windows Phone 7. The game will be focussing on the realism and gameplay from the console versions, whilst offering advanced team and player AI. Which sounds terrific. What’s more, Windows Phone 7 is getting a bespoke version of PES 2011 which will offer a new control system for the mobile platform, catchily named ‘true flow’. This will allow players to determine the level of control and AI assistance that they desire.

No commute to work would be complete without being able to play a wide range of football tournaments on your phone and PES 2011 looks to have filled the onion bag again by providing licensed  Champions League and Europa League action. And just in case you do get good at football, there are online leaderboards and connectivity with Xbox Live for collecting achievements.

PES 2011 will be released early this year so hopefully we will have football pie all over our faces in the not too distant future.