Kirby Set To Brighten Up Britain’s “Greyest Area”

by on February 22, 2011

Have you ever walked past Elephant & Castle in London and thought “this could do with a little bit of brightening up”?

Well, apparently, so have Nintendo.

Visitors to Elephant & Castle can expect to see a change on February 24th, as for one day only the area voted the greyest place in the UK gets a Nintendo-style makeover. YouGov research, commissioned by Nintendo, found that 32 percent of Londoners voted Elephant & Castle the greyest place in the UK, beating Kings Cross, the South Bank, Slough, Birmingham and Milton Keynes among other grey options. So Nintendo decided to do something about it.

To brighten up Elephant & Castle, Nintendo is taking inspiration from the latest game to hit Nintendo Wiis across the UK on February 25th – Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Set in Patch Land, a charming world made entirely of fabric, the new game sees adorable little ball of pink yarn Kirby adventure through a beautiful quilted and embroidered landscape. For one day only Elephant & Castle will be decked out in a colourful array of knitting to bring the feel-good vibe of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and replace grey with colour.

Rob Lowe, Senior Marketing Manager for Wii at Nintendo said, “The research found that almost half of us play video games specifically to cheer ourselves up, and with this in mind we’re bringing the happy spirit of our latest game to inject some fun into the greyest area.”

Visitors to Elephant & Castle on February 24th will have the chance to take home a preview copy of the game, with Nintendo giving away 20 free copies. The installation will be created by Knit the City.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is due to be released for the Nintendo Wii on the 25th February 2011.

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