Rift Update 1.1 – The River Of Souls

by on March 29, 2011

When Rift launched just a few weeks ago, it did so with one of the most impressive content line ups that we have seen from a new MMORPG. It seems that Trion Worlds however, are not resting on their laurels and are about to bring us more content in update 1.1, The River of Souls.

Dark days lie ahead for the world of Telara as Alsbeth the Discordant leads hordes of undead and death-worshipping cultists on a march of total destruction from Freemarch to Stillmoor and all zones in between beginning tomorrow.

Witness the destruction with a new trailer from Trion Worlds that gives players a sneak peek at the horrors awaiting the world as Alsbeth prepares for her assault on the Soulstream.

Weak flesh yearns to obey!