Steel Diver Emerges From The Depths For Nintendo 3DS

by on April 5, 2011

Nothing beats a good game of Battleships, especially when it is in spankingly gorgeous 3D-o-vision on your lovely new Ninty console. Read on as God Is A Geek gives you the latest on Steel Diver, out next month on the 3DS!

5th April 2011 – All aboard the submarine, as we’re going diving on 6th May 2011 when Steel Diver™ launches across Europe for the newly released Nintendo 3DS. This naval strategy action game will have you hooked from the start, with immersive glasses-free 3D graphics and creative use of the Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor during gameplay.

Submerge yourself into this watery world by taking the controls of your very own submarine, guiding it safely past obstacles and dodging attacks from enemy ships out to get you. Enjoy three different game modes in Steel Diver, each offering varied and fun submarine action in full glasses-free 3D. In the Mission mode, you must carefully navigate an aquatic obstacle course, completing objectives whilst being sure to avoid dangerous obstacles and persistent enemies; whereas in Periscope Strike you must use the Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor to locate and sink encroaching enemy ships. Try spinning around in a chair and watching the 3D sea horizon move with you – it really is like looking through a submarine periscope, although watch out for the battle ship in the horizon!

Use strategy in the Steel Commander mode to effectively hide your own ships and successfully locate enemy ships in a grid map, before trying to sink them with your torpedoes. You can also share with friends and family by using Download Play, which opens up Steel Commander into a 2-player experience – your friend doesn’t even need to have a Game Card. Take turns trying to sink each-other’s ships or play against the computer.

Using the Touch Screen controls in novel ways for each game mode, you can also enjoy a simulation of the inside of a submarine with levers and switches to control the submarine for Mission and Periscope Strike modes.

Steel Diver Is Released on 6th May 2011 Only For Nintendo 3DS