World Of Goo Squishes Its Way Onto iPhone

by on April 5, 2011

The developers of award-winning puzzler World Of Goo have revealed that an iPhone version of the game has been completed and will be available soon. 2D Boy have submitted the game to the Apple App Store for approval, so it just has to pass through their certification process. It will be priced at £1.79, but as a reward for early-adopters, it will be just 59p during its first 24 hours on sale. The new update will make the game into a universal App, meaning that those who bought the iPad version when it came out will be able to upgrade and get the iPhone version at no cost.

Unfortunately this release will not be compatible with the older 3G model of the iPhone, but only 3GS, iPhone 4 and third generation iPod Touch users will be able to run it. But for those who can run it, World of Goo is an extremely addictive and taxing puzzle title, well worth the investment – especially at the knock-down price of only fifty-nine pence.

World of Goo is out now on iPad, Windows PC, Mac and Nintendo WiiWare.