Are Microsoft Bringing Stereoscopic 3D To Xbox 360?

by on May 25, 2011

Rumours circling on the internet suggest that Microsoft are bringing stereoscopic 3D films and gaming to the Xbox 360 and that they are planning a full reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next month. It is thought that the updates will enable the Microsoft console to bring to the table a 3D experience similar to that of the PlayStation 3, whereby a high-definition 720P image is provided to each eye, through the use of 3D glasses. This would be a huge announcement for the company, and E3 would be the perfect place to make it.

Previously, Xbox Productions head honcho Aaron Greenberg had questioned if the demand for 3D gaming was going to remain or just be a fad. “The question is whether or not the consumer demand is there. That’s the unanswered question,” Greenberg told VG247. “We’re not a consumer electronics company that’s trying to sell 3D TVs, so we have the benefit of waiting until the market responds. We’re going to take probably more of a pull than a push approach.” But the company has now seemingly changed its tune, if the rumours are to be believed.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference takes place on June 6 at the USC Galen Center.

Source: Eurogamer