Codemasters Release Tilt-Shift Video Footage Of Ken Block’s Battersea Gymkhana Video

by on June 17, 2011

If you’ve already seen Ken Block’s Battersea Gymkhana video that was shown a couple of weeks back, on the run up to the release of DiRT 3 then you might wonder why you’d want to see it again. Well, there’s one REALLY good reason why.


Following the 500k+ view success of Ken Block’s DiRT 3 Battersea Gymkhana video, Codemasters has today released stunning new footage of his spectacular run at Battersea Power Station, as filmed through tilt-shift cameras.

Tilt-shift technology creates the illusion of a miniaturised world in the video as Ken Block performs a masterclass in car control around the iconic London landmark – which was turned into the DC Compound, a level from the critically acclaimed DiRT 3 – for Codemasters’ recent Gymkhana Uncovered event.