Starfox 64 Makes A Return In 3D

by on June 8, 2011

Another game adding weight to the 3DS forthcoming lineup is a 3D remake of classic Nintendo 64 space combat title – Lylat Wars (otherwise known as Starfox 64). The game sees players take on the role of Fox McCloud as he leads his squadron of elite pilots to fight the forces of the evil Andross. This new version (in 3D) literally adds a whole new dimension to the game, with the players feelings of depth, distance and position all enhanced – making flying through a meteor storm or engaging in a brutal dogfight all the more visceral.

Features coming to the game will include:

• A complete graphical update brings a Nintendo classic into the era of portable 3D fun. The game makes effective use of the Nintendo 3DS system’s dual screens: The top screen features 3D aerial combat, while the bottom screen displays characters and dialogue.

• There are two control methods for the player to experience. The Nintendo 64 Mode offers original controls, while the new Nintendo 3DS Mode uses the motion controls of the built-in Gyro Sensor of the Nintendo 3DS system.

• Trusted wingmen Peppy, Slippy and Falco are along for the ride – if one of them is chased or captured by an enemy, players must act to protect them in order to keep their team strong.

• Each mission takes players through a different planet of the Lylat system as they blast enemies, collect power-ups and fight powerful bosses on their way to the final battle.

• A new multiplayer option lets up to four players engage in fierce aerial combat via a local wireless connection (using four systems and one game card via DS Download Play). The multiplayer mode also includes new power-ups and special weapons. Players can use the Nintendo 3DS system’s inner camera to display a live video feed of their faces as they battle, bringing a new level of fun and personalization to the multiplayer experience.

Check out the trailer and images below:

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Starfox 64 3D will be released on September 11th 2011, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.