Dance Central 2 Gets Some Rihanna

by on December 19, 2011

Dance Central 2 Gets Some RihannaDance Central 2 is set to add to its library and spread some Christmas cheer…with Rihanna. From tomorrow, the 20th December, you will be able to download three new Rihanna songs from her 2010 album LOUD, for the Kinect game. What’s My Name? feat. Drake, S&M and Only Girl (in the world) will be available to purchase on Xbox LIVE as a pack for 640 MS Points or alternatively, each song can be purchased for 240 points each. Rude Boy was on the Dance Central 2 disc and Pon de Replay can be imported from the original Dance Central game.

Tomorrow, 20th December, three new songs from pop and R&B sensation Rihanna will arrive for “Dance Central 2,” available to download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 240 Microsoft Points each. Purchase them as a pack for just 640 Microsoft Points – a discount of 80 Microsoft Points! Tracks from Rihanna’s fifth studio album, 2010’s LOUD, “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake, “S&M” and “Only Girl (in the World)” will be added to a line-up that includes “Rude Boy” on “Dance Central 2,” “Pon de Replay,” importable from the original “Dance Central,” and “Disturbia,” a Game Add-on also importable from the original “Dance Central.”

Rihanna joins Lady GaGa – who had her own DLC pack a bit ago – to boogie on down…or something. And remember, just ’cause you don’t have legs like the Caribbean pop Goddess, doesn’t mean you can’t pant and sweat through one of her routines…Seriously though, where’s Umbrella?

Dance Central 2 is available now on Xbox 360.