King Arthur 2 Gets Live-Streamed Tonight

by on January 4, 2012

King Arthur 2 Gets Live-Streamed TonightThe incentives to pre-order your most anticipated games are definitely getting bigger and better. In the case of King Arthur 2 – The Roleplaying Wargame, eager beavers will get their mitts on a full prologue campaign known as Dead Legions. This small chapter deals with all the usual themes, revival, resurrection and revenge, and will focus on the rise to power of King Arthur’s greatest adversary (hint – it’s not Moriarty).

However, for those who aren’t sure this is the game for you, or for the eagle-eyed who are ready to pounce on a price drop, you may want to free up your schedules this evening, as Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games are going to serve up a live demonstration of the prologue campaign.

Streaming today at 11am PST / 2am EST / 8pm CET / 11pm MSD, viewers will get the chance to experience some of the story and gameplay in Dead Legions before the game ships later this month.

However, the live stream isn’t going to have some RTS n00b clicking a mouse all around the screen, screeching and screaming at the monitor every time his troops are killed. Neocore are allowing Orsolya Toth and Linda Bozoradi some time off work to conduct the tour and Q&A with the fans.

So, if you want a good reason to keep away from torrential downpour, and violent winds, why not wrap up warm, make a cup of tea, grab a bag of popcorn (or any snack, as long as it’s not dog food which is neither endorsed, condoned or advised by GIAG), and watch Britannia be fought over like a high school prom queen. You can view the stream below – The Fomorians are coming; you’d better keep your eyes open.

Watch live video from Paradox Interactive – Paradox Plaza on www.twitch.tv

King Arthur 2 ships for PC later this month.

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