There’s a “Scary Girl” coming to Xbox 360

by on January 9, 2012

SCARYGIRL-is-coming-to-Xbox-360-in-the-UKThe title of this game ain’t kidding, Girls are scary. You think you’ve got them sussed and figured out, but then they catch you off-guard with their charmful, yet wicked ways. The power of their super-sensitive, ultra-cunning brains somehow always leads into them getting anything they want, whenever they want. What’s more, you know all that bad-ass, macho, die-hard action hero stuff us men are supposedly renowned for? They do all that too, look super-smoking hot sexy while they do it and still give birth to babies.

When they eventually create the pill for immaculate conception, men are going to look pretty redundant don’tcha think?

Well, in the meantime, while scientists are mixing brews and creating punchlines to formulae jokes, men are still here, and they can still play video games. Even if they are about girls.

Square Enix are putting the final touches to SCARYGIRL, an action-platform game, and the good news is, it will be released next week on Xbox Live Marketplace. For those that may not know, SCARYGIRL is based on the award-winning graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius, and it’s about a Scary Girl … and an octopus.

The game actually looks pretty good, and not only seems faithful to the freelance illustrator’s original vision, but also looks like it could be an entertaining romp in its own right.

SCARYGIRL will launch on January 18th for Xbox LIVE ARcade. There will also be PlayStation Network and PC releases to follow shortly afterwards.