Dark Souls Heading to PC

by on April 7, 2012

Dark-Souls-Heading-to-PCIn a story first broke by VG24/7, it has been confirmed that Dark Souls will be released on PC later this year.

PC Action a German gaming magazine exclusively revealed the news on the front cover of their latest issue. Ominously the game will be titled Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, so fans can probably expect all the challenge of the console version.

The game will apparently remain virtually unchanged bar the addition of a few extra bosses. Whether the new bosses will be included as DLC for the console version at a later date is unknown.

For a notoriously difficult RPG Dark Souls sold very well when it released amongst a crowd of other big name titles last year. A petition showed PC gamers wanted in on the action to with nearly a 100,000 signatures.

No release date has yet been given, but PC gamers can expect Dark Souls before the end of 2012.