Jet Set Radio on the Vita Has Been Delayed

by on October 16, 2012

Jet Set Radio on the Vita Has Been DelayedA couple of weeks ago, Dreamcast fans’ favourite Jet Set Radio, released on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC and on mobile with a HD sheen.

The game was set to be coming to the Vita too, but sadly for fans, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Apparently, the game has been delayed due to “necessary development optimisations”. A pity, really. With the masses constantly clamouring for something to play on their system, the HD remake of this well remembered title would’ve been a plus. But, it is still coming, we’re just not too sure when.

Robin really enjoyed Jet Set Radio HD when it came out on other platforms, saying “SEGA have finally shown just how a good HD remix should be done”.