Death Awaits in Slick New Dark Souls II CGI Trailer

by on December 22, 2012

Death Awaits in Slick New Dark Souls II CGI TrailerDark Souls is hard. This is not a fact up for debate. Yes, there those gamers out there who have perfected the game’s combat systems and memorised the layout of each area, and who are masochistic enough to have played it through time and time again – but it remains a hard game, particularly for the uninitiated.

One thing it isn’t, is particularly coherent. The storyline is non-existent, the brief but beautiful intro video serving to set the scene rather than to introduce us to any kind of narrative. Dark Souls is about forging on, about moving forwards, about never staying down.

While the newly-announced sequel promises to be more accessible and understandable, it doesn’t promise to be any easier, thank the Gods of Gaming. Death will be just as likely, frustration just as common, but that unique sense of accomplishment will be just as satisfying.

Check out the new Of Masks and Dragons trailer from Namco Bandai and start psyching yourself up for the challenge now.

Dark Souls II will be released in 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.