TERA Going Free-to-Play, Finally

by on January 10, 2013

TERA-Going-F2PCriminally under-loved MMORPG TERA (according to Martin and Calvin on Ding!) is finally going free-to-play in North American and Europe.

Announced via a video, which you can see below, Executive Product Director, Eva Scmitt tells us that it will be happening in “early 2013”, and sounds like a really sensible decision, aimed at bringing more players in to a game that requires a large player base.

No reduction in content will happen, and the F2P players will have access to all the content. Existing players will be rewarded with benefits. Veteran players who have lapsed can just pick up and continue, this time for free. Active subscribers will gain an exclusive club membership that lasts as long as their subscription is active, as well as a 50% quicker cooldown for instances, XP boosting items, an Epic mount and “lots of other great stuff”.

TERA is available now for Windows PC, the F2P version will be coming in early 2013.