More Character Bios and Move Set Vids Released for Darkstalkers Resurrection

by on February 2, 2013

Darkstalkers-Resurrection-Videos-Week-4If you’ve been keeping up to date on our Darkstalkers Resurrection coverage, you’ll be well aware of Capcom’s roll out of info on the game. We’ve seen bios and videos showing the move sets of; Felicia & Jon Talbain, Morrigan & Demitri, and Lord Raptor & Victor. Today, we give you Bishamon and my personal favourite, Sasquatch.


Bishamon was once a normal, happy man, living in Japan with his wife Orin. That is, until he went to a antique shop and found a mysterious piece of Samurai armor and sword. Becoming entranced by the items, he unwittingly forced the shopkeeper to give them to him. After bringing the armor home, Bishamon sat and stared at the armor for days, foregoing food and sleep.Despite his wife’s pleas to get rid of the armor, Bishamon decided to try it on. But once he did, he realized his mistake. The armor was actually cursed, having originally coming from the demon world Makai. In wearing it, he gained tremendous power, but lost the will for anything except killing.In his last moment of consciousness, Bishamon told Orin to run. And after that, the armor took over, and he became a slave to bloodlust.

In the northern reaches of the Rocky Mountains, nestled in the Canadian wilderness, there lies a basin in which the village of the bigfoot resides. Over one hundred creatures live in this village, acting as both family and tribe. A relatively peaceful, intelligent race, they are nevertheless very protective and will become aggressive if they are treated as nothing more than monsters. Among them, the one known simply as Sasquatch stands tall as their leader and hero.

Sasquatch is seen as the protector of the rest of the bigfoot, and often leaves the village to check on threats in the surrounding areas. After doing so following Pyron’s landing upon Earth, he returned to his village to find many of his tribe missing without a trace. He decides to set out to find and rescue them, no matter what gets in the way.

Darkstalkers Resurrection will be released on March 14 for Xbox 360 (via Xbox LIVE Arcade) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network)