Cut The Rope Developer Set to Release Four New Games This Year

by on March 26, 2013

Cut-The-Rope-Developer-Set-to-Release-Four-New-Games-This-Year The marvellous and adorable Cut The Rope released way back in 2010 on iOS and made Zeptolab a known name in the mobile space. Speaking with Polygon at this year’s GDC, founders of the studio Efim and Semyon Voinov said that they’ve big plans for 2013:

“Our plan is to release four games this year. Some of them are related to Cut the Rope, and some of them are completely different. We wanted to keep this healthy balance, because Cut the Rope is our baby, and we want it to grow, obviously. But also we want to do new things — new babies,”

The brothers also said that the console market is something that they don’t necessarily see Zeptolab going down. They stated that the “agile cycle of development” on phones and tablets is more appealing to them.

The fastest growing market is the one where you can pick up a game for less than a pound/euro/dollar/whatever. If their focus remain in that market, it makes sense for many reasons.