Don’t Starve on Its Way to PC in Late April

by on March 25, 2013

Don't-Starve-on-Its-Way-to-PC-in-Late-AprilThe studio behind the majestic Mark of the Ninja have confirmed a release date for their follow up. Don’t expect a something similar to their previous efforts as Don’t Starve places players on an island where they must balance three things: their health, their hunger and their sanity, in a game where survival is priority. When the main character starts to lose their mind, their imagination will run wild and dangerous creatures will begin to show up, uninvited.

Speaking with Joystiq, sound designer Matthew Marteinsson said;

“There’s lots of things you can do to keep up your sanity: you wear dapper clothing, you pick flowers, you do civilized things, and then your sanity comes back.”

However there are advantages to going a bit crazy as some otherwise uncollectable items will be available to players that find themselves in this state.

Klei Entertainment have also promised to support the game with free content for six months, post-release. Coming to Steam on April 24 for $15, Don’t Starve seems like a departure for the studio and a really interesting one, at that.