505 Games Reveal Brand New Zombie IP How to Survive

by on May 29, 2013

505 Games have today announced that they are bringing a brand new zombie outbreak IP which will appear as a download for current gen platforms, including Windows PC via the Steam service.

Dropping into a market some may say is saturated with the crawling, brain-eating dead, How To Survive is set on a remote island off the coast of Columbia in what is described as the “aftermath of an unexplained incident”. Naturally you are part of a group of humans who have to work together to survive – with the spin this time coming from a “crafting” system allowing you to create your own weapons and gadgets to fight off the deranged walking corpses, as well as ensuring you have adequate food and water to stay alive.

With the promise of online and local multiplayer, we look forward to seeing whether this EKO Studios title can “survive” in a gaming world chock full of zombie holocaust-themed fare.

How To Survive will be available for Xbox Live, PlayStation Store and Steam this Autumn.