LOVEFiLM PlayStation 3 App Update Adds HD Streaming

by on May 1, 2013

The latest version of the streaming movie service adds a heap of handy features.

Everyone loves movies and television shows, and many of us consume as many of them as possible via services at LOVEFiLM, especially through our console of choice.

Well the popular streaming service has updated their PlayStation 3 app, and it’s a doozy with additions such as:

  • A newly designed user interface.
  • An improved search functionality.
  • A brand new recommendation engine.
  • A button on the home page that allows you to keep track of anything you are currently watching, and giving you the ability to resume where you left off.
  • A new Watchlist feature, that allows you to make a playlist of content you want to watch later on.
  • Finally, High Definition streaming.

There is no mention on whether the apps on other streamable devices will also be updated with the new additions, but the above features sound great, especially for someone like me who consumes a lot of streamed media.