Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack Leaks

by on June 18, 2013

Whilst Call of Duty: Ghosts may be taking a considerable portion of the limelight lately, it appears that you would be doing yourself a disservice by chucking away your Black Ops 2 copy, just yet.

COD Online (via GameSpot) spotted a YouTube video that compiled what are supposed promotional material for future Black Ops 2 DLC titled, Vengeance.

The leaked images show four new multiplayer maps in Cove, Rush, Uplink and Detour, a brand new Zombies map called Buried and a Zombies weapon – Ray Gun Mark II.

Two map packs have been released for the game, with two more scheduled to be released. As soon as we hear anymore on Vengeance, we’ll be sure to let you know.