Nordic Games Acquire Two IPs From Atari

by on June 24, 2013

In a rather unexpected move, Nordic Games have acquired yet more Intellectual Properties to add to their already impressive stable.

The next IPs to be gobbled up: Silver and Desperados. Both of these games are relatively obscure PC games, originally owned by Infogrames; before that company took merged with Atari and took the branding of the age-old company as it’s own.

Silver was a surprisingly solid Western take on Japanese RPGs, wherein the boringly named David embarked on a quest to safe his beloved wife from Silver; ruler of Jarah. Originally on PC and Mac in 1999, it also received a Dreamcast port in 2000. It was hailed by many PC magazines to be the platforms answer to Final Fantasy VII – Totally forgetting that FF VII had already been ported to the PC.

Desperados was a Real Time Strategy game with a distinctly Wild West flavour. Controlling up to six characters, players would engage enemies as stealthily as possible; to capture a train robber named “El Diablo”. This PC game received a sequel in 2006.

Nordic Games’ Austrian office will be dealing with the future distribution of the original games, as well as evaluating their potential for future sequels.

Both of the original PC games can currently be purchased from Good Old Games.

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