New Pikmin 3 Trailer Shows Different Abilities

by on July 8, 2013

Wii U owners haven’t had many new games to celebrate in the time since the console first launched, but they won’t have to wait long for one fairly big – Miyamoto seal of satisfaction – game to be released. That game is Pikmin 3, and it will come out on July 26 in Europe and August 4 in North America.

After Nintendo showed off a lot of in-game Pikmin 3 footage at during one of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts recently, VG24/7 have spotted a new trailer for the title that shows gamers the different skills that the different coloured Pikmin can perform. This includes the amphibious blue Pikmin, the fire-resistant red Pikmin and the electricity-resitant yellow Pikmin – amongst others.

Pikmin may never have set the charts alight in the past, or set any sales records – but they have always been well-made, fun titles. And right now, any first-party or major release on the Wii U console will be much-appreciated by its early-adopters.

See the Pikmin in action below: