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Nintendo Announce the 2DS, a Budget 3DS for Younger Gamers

by on August 28, 2013

As if out of nowhere Nintendo have announced the 2DS. A new member of the 3DS family that will play all 3DS and DS software, but lacks the 3DS’ headline 3D capabilities or the clamshell design.

The 2DS will be available from October 12th (the same day as Pokémon X and Y, fancy that) costing around $129.99/£109.99, and will launch in two colour combinations: Black + Blue and White + Red.

This machine will retain all of the 3DS’ extra features. It can still access the eShop, play wireless multiplayer, StreetPass, SpotPass and has an SD card port. A Sleep Mode ‘switch’ resides on the bottom right of the machine and replaces the idea of closing it over.

You might be looking at the machine with a gormless look, questioning Nintendo’s sanity, but consider the 2DS as a cheaper entry console for youngsters, not as a replacement for the 3DS XL, and the decisions make sense.

No-glasses 3D is still seen as a concern for many parents, and many tiny tykes would break the DS’ hinge, rendering it unplayable. The 2DS does away with both of these factors and also adds super chunky shoulder buttons. The machine seems tailor made to be thrown into a children’s backpack for them to abuse, with no clear weaknesses and no parent worrying elements.

And that’s the 2DS. A cheeky cheap console that’s tailor designed for destructive children.

We discussed this out-of-the-blue Nintendo bulletin via a Google Hangout: