Let’s Play: Crowman & Wolfboy

by on November 5, 2013

We look at a lot of games here at GodisaGeek. Some of them we know what they’re going to be like before we even start them, and others can surprise us when we turn them on for the first time and are surprised by something genuinely unique, interesting and fun to play.

Crowman & Wolfboy, from Wither Studios, started life on Kickstarter and, after a successful funding campaign, has found it’s way on our iOS devices. The story follows the titular characters as they attempt to escape the world of shadows; but the other shadow people aren’t going to make it easy for them.

The game is a platformer which takes elements from infinite runner games and infuses them with gameplay elements of their own design, the end results is something rather unique.

But we’ll let you see that for yourself with the following video: