New Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Midna

by on July 7, 2014

Tecmo Koei continue their Hyrule Warriors character updates with the latest taking a look at the playstyle of the Twilight imp, Midna.

Midna has access to an awful lot of summon magic, sending wolves, whirlwinds and explosions in the general direction of the Bokoblin hordes.

Midna can even use the Fused Shadows to turn into her creepy spider like beast, thankfully having more success smashing small creatures than she did attacking the protected Hyrule Castle.

Oh and she has one massive hand, which she uses to slap everything. Even a dragon (I assume, that bit is kind of cut off).

What do you think of Tecmo Koei’s representation of Zelda’s Best Sidekick Ever(tm)?