Skylanders Gets New Eon’s Elite Toys This Autumn

by on July 25, 2014

Who remembers when Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure launched? I do purely because after it did poor sales in the first weekend I tweeted that they had made a huge mistake and had once again destroyed the Spyro IP. Oh how I was wrong!

The Skylanders mega success party train rolled into San Diego Comic-Con this week to unveil the new Eon’s Elite toy range. This new range will feature 8 new toys; the first two are Spyro himself and Chop Chop. The remaining 6 will be from the original Spyro’s Adventure roster.

These new toys will launch this autumn and will be compatible with all the other Skylanders equipment. However these new toys will be up to three times as powerful as previous Skylanders toys, which is the biggest stat boost seen in the series.

Josh Taub, senior vice president of product marketing at Activision Publishing not only has a ridiculous job title but also had this to say about the new additions to the Skylanders team.

“Eon’s Elite represents the most iconic characters from the original Skylanders game that started it all,”

“These eight toys are not only premium quality but also honour the characters’ strength, courage and commitment. We’re excited to extend our fans’ collections with this new line.”

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