TrinityVR Reveals Motion Controller

by on July 21, 2014

TrinityVR have announced the development and manufacturing of the Trinity Magnum – A motion controller for head-mounted displays, such as the well known Oculus Rift. The Trinity Magnum Development kit includes a virtual reality software development kit will be available to developers, tech early adopters and enthusiasts later this year, which will provide users with freedom to look and aim with a natural dual-grip form factor. The features include:

  • Accessibility – Intuitive ease of use requiring minimal practice and ergonomic form for all players
  • Set-up and Integration – Easy set-up time and minimal collaboration
  • Low latency, 1:1 Tracking – Complete inertial orientation tracking combined with optical positional tracking (optional) using any OpenCV compatible webcam as well as PlayStation Eye Camera and Kinect for Windows.
  • Form Factor  Ergonomic “dual-grip” design includes rumble feedback
  • Affordable  Under $100; significantly lower on average than competitive VR peripherals

“The Magnum’s design — particularly the accuracy in aiming and analog sticks — has really heightened the potential for first-person, motion controlled experiences in VR, and we’re seeing that played out flawlessly in Z0NE. As a developer, we’re thrilled for fans and new players to experience Z0NE in a completely different way. With the Magnum, the possibilities for next generation game content are now limitless.” -James Andrew, founder of PixelRouter.

To help bring Mangum to developers and users alike, TrinityVR have launched a kickstarter for fans to help out. It will last 30 days and anyone wanting to fund the campaign or find out more details can visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/316228545/1427168445


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