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Podcast Season 7 Episode 14 – Red Dwarf’s Mr Naylor

by on November 6, 2014

For the first time in ages, we’ve got a full house on the podcast this week. However, Colm’s second stream is broken already as he’s out this week. In steps Dan Naylor and Mick Fraser to join Adam and Calvin for a bumper episode.

Mick seems calm for most of the episode, but then somehow Watch_Dogs comes up and his calm demeanour is replaced by incandescent rage. Dan, however, remains calm until Spider-Man 2 is discussed. Why? You’ll have to find out.

Elsewhere, Calv is fresh back from the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review event, so it’s time to talk about that. But there’s loads of games discussed this week, and plenty of news.

You can read our review (or let’s play, etc) of the games we talk about, by clicking their name, below, in the list. So please do that!

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